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Scorpio April 2019 Horoscope

This is a horoscope for Scorpio, April 2019! Read the horoscope that matches your Rising Sign (AKA Ascendant) first. If you don’t know your Rising Sign but you know you are a Scorpio, you can go with this horoscope as your best match.

Development (the Lunar Cycle)

The New Moon in Aries on April 5 is touching on the issue of daily work, domestic affairs, scheduling, and health regimens. It’s a good time to set intentions with regard to exercise, diet, and other tasks and routines that require some measure of self-discipline. You can also benefit now by spending time getting organized.

This begins a 4 week period (April 5 – May 4) that culminates with the Full Moon in Libra on April 19. This is the second Full Moon in Libra in a row, highlighting the importance of seeking balance, fairness, and justice in our lives.

For you this quest for equilibrium can be centered around the unconscious and the world of dreams. It may involve themes of surrender, servitude, and sacrifice. This can also be about bringing to light issues of the collective consciousness and your place in the bigger whole, reconnecting to divinity and compassion.

Communications (Mercury)

Mercury was Retrograde all last month, and is still clearing the shadow zone until April 16 when we will finally shake off the fuzzies. This Retrograde journey has been leading you on a wayward adventure in the realm of pleasure, dating, and creativity. It may highlight your relations with children in your life or your own sense of playfulness and self-expression. It’s been a time of taking chances and exploring your creative potential.

You may have had some disruptions or bouts of confusion in areas where you might have taken a gamble, or perhaps it has just been a time of imagining new ways of thinking about who you are on the stage of life and what you want to be known for. You may have been working out your style and voice as you start to develop some new creative outlets, for example.

Now that Mercury is moving into Aries on April 16, your focus will turn to work and daily affairs. From mid-April until May 6, you can take what you learned and turn it into something tangible that expresses everything that you are. Use your explorations to your benefit now in restructuring your schedule and expectations. What does your ideal work day look like? Are you factoring in time to move your body and eat properly?

Connections (Venus)

Venus is the planet of connections, relationships, and affinity. For the first half of the month, until April 20, she is doing you great favor by visiting your world of pleasure, dating, and creativity, where she’s in pretty good shape and brings some positive sense of peace within oneself. Mellow, easy-going Venus in Pisces helps with connecting with others in a deeper way, while just having a good time and being playful and free. You may have an itch to get out and experience pleasurable times with friends and flames alike.

From April 20 until mid-May, Venus will mosey on to Aries, bringing more love to work life. How do your routines, habits, and daily rituals align with your vision and values? It’s a good time for collaboration, team-building, and group work, as Venus brings people together around getting things done and making improvements.

Actions (Mars)

Mars, the planet of work and action to be taken, is in Gemini this month (March 30 – May 16). This is stirring up undertakings in your place of joint finances and shared valuables. You may be putting in more work when it comes to this area – one that invokes things you have inherited, taxes, and your partner’s money. This enigmatic house also deals with the beyond, psychic activity, and transformative magick.

You may be working to acquire resources now, or putting work into your psychic development. Wherever your business takes you this month, it is likely to be in several directions. It’s best to limit the variance somewhat, although multitasking now can generate a good flow of energy and spiritedness that keeps you going.

Growth (Jupiter)

Jupiter is smiling auspiciously at you from his most upbeat placement in Sagittarius. For you, this transit is happening in your financial world, where you will likely see some positive growth this year (November 8, 2018 – December 3, 2019).

Jupiter begins his annual, several months long Retrograde journey on April 10, representing a deepening expansion in regard to your prosperity and money management / attraction.

Long-View (Saturn)

Saturn is the big boss who establishes boundaries, limits, structures, and doctrines to live by. It’s the hard work that we put in day to day that sees long-term results for our steady effort. Right now, Saturn is in Capricorn (December 19, 2017 – December 16, 2020).

This is a time of establishing a rhythm with our routines and schedules, and committing to building a solid foundation in our work. For you, this long-term restructuring effort is taking place in your house of learning and communication. You have an opportunity and a call to action to establish consistency in the ways that you share your message, perhaps with a writing, speaking, or teaching practice.

Saturn will begin his own Retrograde journey on April 17, joining Jupiter in the act of deepening and doubling down on the issues he’s been hammering home.

Timeline of General Major Transits

Week One (April 1 – 6)

Tuesday, April 2: Mercury meets Neptune in Pisces (5th House) , 1:23am (PST). This is their 3rd and final meetup – we are beginning to conclude last month‘s Mercury Retrograde with this transit.

Mercury is Direct now (no longer Retrograde), but today is conjunct Neptune, a configuration that extends the feeling of still being under the spell of a bemusing Retrograde cycle. This may have brought up issues related to your creative projects.

Thursday, April 4: Pluto on the South Node in Capricorn (3rd House), 12:16pm.

This is causing some heaviness this month, and a need to let go of powerful structures that are no longer working for us. The point of deep release may be felt in your messaging and communication styles. There may be some baggage here that you need to sit with. What needs to be released?

Friday, April 5: New Moon in Aries (6th House), 1:47am.

The New Moon in Aries stimulates your house of employment, scheduling, and daily habits.

Week Two (April 7 – 13)

Tuesday, April 9: Venus joins Neptune in Pisces (5th House), 11:12pm.

Venus enters your house of pleasure, making you more willing to bond with others who are in a playful manner, and improving relations with children.

Wednesday, April 10: Jupiter stations Retrograde (2nd House), 5pm.

Jupiter deepens into his cycle of growth in your house of finances and possessions.

Friday, April 12: First Quarter Moon in Cancer (9th House), 12:03pm.

The First Quarter checking in point occurs in your house of higher learning, spirituality, and philosophy. It’s a good time to check in with your perspective or worldview and look toward expanding those horizons. It may also be that this is a powerful time to continue on your current trajectory through some sort of research project.

Week Three (April 14 – 20)

Tuesday, April 16: Mercury enters Aries (6th House), 11pm, ending the Mercury Retrograde Shadow period.

Mercury is now in a position where it may be appropriate to focus on logistics and work out the details of your working process. It may bring you clarity of mind to work on procedures, templates, and various maintenance regimens.

Friday, April 19: Full Moon in Libra (12th House), 4:15am, the second Full Moon in Libra in a row, hitting home on themes of balance and fairness from last month.

The lunar month peaks today in your house of the unconscious. This emphasizes a need to balance between your own instinctual needs and your interaction with the collective unconscious. It may also be about balancing when it comes to the sacrifices you make or your involvement in service work.

Saturday, April 20: The Sun enters Taurus (7th House), 1:54am. Venus enters Aries (6th House), 9:10am.

The Sun shines a light on your close personal relationships at this time of year. Meanwhile, Venus joins Mercury in your house of work and daily tasks. It may be a good time to collaborate with others through sharing your work habits. You may feel more dutiful now but willing to connect with others in productive ways.

Week Four (April 21 – 27)

Monday, April 22: The Sun joins Uranus in Taurus for the first time since Uranus entered the sign (7th House), 4:06pm.

You will be seeing some innovation or unexpected changes in your house of one-on-one relationships during the 7 year transit of Uranus in Taurus. Today, the Sun gives a jolt of electricity to this area of your chart.

Wednesday, April 24: Pluto stations Retrograde in Capricorn (3rd House), 11:49am.

Pluto begins a months-long Retrograde, deepening into the idea of transformation happening in your house of learning and communication.

Friday, April 26: Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius (4th House), 3:17pm.

The final checking in point for the lunar month occurs in your house of home life, roots, and privacy. It may be helpful to focus on the trajectory of your soul over other matters at this time.

Week Five (April 28 – 30)

Monday, April 29: Saturn stations Retrograde in Capricorn (3rd House), 5:55pm.

Saturn begins his Retrograde today in your house of education, writing, and speaking. For the next several months, it will be helpful to consolidate your gains in these areas. It’s time to commit to the long-term results that you want to achieve.

Tuesday, April 30: Saturn on the South Node (3rd House), 1:13pm.

This is another deep release point and opportunity to shed what has held you back, particularly in the area of your messaging and communications. Work on severing from your life the limiting beliefs you have long held in this area.

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