October 2018: Venus Retrograde in Scorpio

The Last Quarter Moon on October 2, 2018 was closely followed by the beginning of the last main event of the year: Venus Retrograde. Venus stationed in the sensuous sign of the Scorpion on October 5, just as the Moon grew dark in preparation of a new cycle.

As the ruler of the New and Full Moons this October, Venus leads us on a deep and dirty, spooktacular examination of our values and relationships. She takes the spotlight for the next few months as she slowly makes her way back home to Libra on Halloween and then returns to her starting point (10 Scorpio) in mid-December.

Pay special attention to Fridays this month, which are ruled by Venus (Freya’s Day), and hold quite a number of interesting configurations with Mercury. Mercury, planet of communication, is also in Scorpio this month and is a bit salty at the moment.

Important Events During Venus Retrograde in October

  • Friday, October 5 – Venus begins her Retrograde phase (10 50″ Scorpio): A journey on the underground has commenced
  • Monday, October 8 – New Moon in Venus’s home sign of Libra: an invitation to recalibrate with a mind toward others
  • Wednesday, October 10 – Venus Retrograde square Mars: friction, excitement, frustration
  • Monday, October 15 – Venus Retrograde conjunct Mercury in Scorpio: real talk
  • Tuesday, October 16 – First Quarter Moon in Capricorn: check in with your goals and ambitions
  • Tuesday, October 23 – Venus Retrograde sextile Saturn: limitations insist on aiding you on your mystical underground journey, for better or worse
  • Wednesday, October 24 – Full Moon in Venus’s home sign of Taurus (with the Sun conjunct Venus Retrograde in Scorpio): a breakthrough is possible but won’t be without its pain points
  • Friday, October 26 – Venus Retrograde conjunct the Sun: marks the half-way point in Venus’s retrograde cycle
  • Monday, October 29 – Venus Retrograde opposite Uranus (also square the North Node): Surprise!
  • Samhain, Wednesday, October 31 – Last Quarter Moon in Leo, with Venus returning to Libra: expect a powerful Sabbat, witches! An important day in our Venusian journeying, and the veil is obliterated.

What Venus Retrograde Means for You

(Read for your Ascendant/Rising sign)

Aries: Inheritance, endings, psychic awareness, the resources of people who you’re in relationship to

Taurus: Partnership, marriage, contract and relationships, one-on-one interactions

Gemini: Work, employees or an employer relationship, domestic sphere, daily routines and regimens

Cancer: Creativity, children, personal legacy, pleasure, dating, romance, sex

Leo: Private self, home life, roots, real estate, parents

Virgo: Siblings, neighbors, communication, learning, short trips, writing, immediate environment

Libra: Finances, resources, personal values and assets

Scorpio: Sense of self, mind, body, appearance, persona

Sagittarius: Rest, meditation, subconscious, limitations or confinement, service, retreat

Capricorn: Loose friendships, acquaintances, networking, associations

Aquarius: Career, public life, recognition, status, achievement, authority

Pisces: Worldview, spirituality, travel, expansion, philosophy

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