November 2018: Setting the Stage for a New Year

November is a more busy month astrologically than October, the stage having been set early for a colorful Halloween Last Quarter Moon. This was also the day that Venus made her way, Retrograde, to her home territory of Libra. 

This month is host to a Mercury Retrograde period and multiple ingresses, or planets changing signs in the Zodiac. This brings in a lot of shifting energy in time for the New Year season that’s approaching.

November Moon Cycle: Overview

There is a New Moon in Scorpio on Wednesday, November 7. This Moon cycle is particularly significant as it brings in a lot of fresh energy and major changes. The New Moon coincides with three ingresses: Uranus back into Aries, the Lunar Nodes into Cancer/Capricorn, and Jupiter into Sagittarius.

The First Quarter Moon is in Aquarius on Thursday, November 15. On this day Mars enters Pisces and Venus stations Direct. The very next day, Mercury goes Retrograde in Sagittarius.

The Full Moon in Gemini comes right in time for Thanksgiving in the United States, that is, on Thursday, November 22. Although of minor importance, the outer planet Neptune stations Direct on the Saturday following (November 24).

Thursday November 29 is the Last Quarter Moon in Virgo, marking the end of the month. It’s time already to look ahead to December and start wrapping up our year!

Uranus in Aries Finale: 2011-2019

On Tuesday, November 6, Uranus Retrograde returns to Aries for one last, relatively short spell. The planet of disruption and innovation stirred the pot in this area of our lives from 2010 to May 2018. A combustible wild card, Uranus in Aries paved a path of revolution by fire for around 8 years, emphasizing independence and identity.

Uranus has entered Taurus in May, giving us a taste of what the next 8 year cycle will bring, but will be back in Aries until March 7, 2019. During this time we are finishing up this old cycle and preparing to move into the new, earthier and more feminine territory to come.

Eclipse Axis is Shifting into Capricorn and Cancer

On the same day as the Uranus in Aries ingress, the Lunar Nodes change signs, from Leo/Aquarius to Cancer/Capricorn. This is a shift that begins an 18-month cycle of Eclipses on the Cancer/Capricorn axis

The next Eclipse season brings a partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on January 5, 2019 and a Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo later that month (this latter Eclipse will be truly the last of the old cycle).

With the North Node now in Cancer, we will be challenged to develop emotional sensitivity and intimate awareness of our true feelings. We’ll be examining how we nurture ourselves and others, and how we allow ourselves to be nurtured. Finding a sense of home and grounding into our ancestry and roots or lineage is growing in importance. 

With the South Node in Capricorn, we are challenged to let go of self-imposed rules and limitations that have kept us walled off from others emotionally in the interest of self-preservation. With Saturn and Pluto gradually moving closer to a conjunction here, we will simultaneously experience a lot of work around boundaries, walls, institutions and structures, including the difficult limitations and power plays that each brings into the equation.

Jupiter in Sagittarius: Optimism and Positive Growth

Jupiter has been in Scorpio for about a year, starting October 10, 2017. On November 8, 2018, he takes a giant, buoyant step out of reclusive Scorpio into effervescent Sagittarius, bringing growth and expansion to a new sector in each of our charts. 

Jupiter is exuberant in his home sign of Sagittarius, and you can expect to soak up some delicious Jupiter joviality while he’s here, from November 2018 until December 2019.

Although you can mark this as a new start (affecting the area of life or the House where Sagittarius lives in your chart) and an area of generally positive growth and expansion over the course of the next year, do mind that this positive change may take a minute to kick in, because Mercury is also in Sagittarius just now and is preparing to go Retrograde (more on this below).

Venus Retrograde: Reconciling Balance with Desire

Venus is in the Retrograde zone from September 2 to December 17, 2018. This venture has to do with reviewing relationships, one-on-one interactions, and contracts. It began within her own domicile of Libra, a sign of balance and fairness where Venus feels quite at home.

As the Evening Star (following the Sun), the peace-keeping and harmony-seeking Venus traveled into the dark, passionate terrain of Scorpio on September 9. September and October were spent navigating the underworld, Mercury joining the macabre parade, highlighting uncomfortable truths and shedding light on our inner shadows. 

From October 26 Venus has been the Morning Star (preceding the Sun). This is her more active or yang mode where she’s considered more of an honorable warrior than an acquiescing lover. It’s time to bring the lessons of her Retrograde home.

Venus returned to Libra and breathed a sigh of relief on Samhain, and stations Direct on November 15 in Libra. When she stations Direct it isn’t an immediate affect. She is standing quite still from November 10 to November 22 (followed shortly by the Full Moon). Only then, after a good pause, will she be on the move and in a forward direction once more.

She will be thoroughly finished with this journey of hers when she finds herself in the area of Scorpio where she started to turn back, which happens on December 17.

Venus enters Scorpio again on December 2 and she will be here until January 7.

Mars in Pisces: A Change of Pace

Mars ventures into new territory for the first time in many months, as he’s been slowed down by his own recent Retrograde in Aquarius and Capricorn. As he picks up the pace in the next couple of weeks, so can we. We can also look forward to his ingress into Aries, his own domicile where he can be super Marsy. This happens on New Year’s Eve.

Mars first entered Capricorn on March 17, 2018. Here Mars is lifted up and can potentially accomplish practical works with great power and efficiency. We may have met with some resistance, however, since Saturn and Pluto are also in Capricorn and having all the malefic planets together can cause pressure to mount for sure. 

From May 15, this planet of willfulness was in his Retrograde zone from June 26 to October 10, reentering Capricorn on August 12, and stationing Direct there on August 27. Finally he returned to Aquarius where he has been putting forth an extended effort from September 10 through November 15.

Now in Pisces, Mars is a little more mellow and ethereal. Exercising active imagination of where you want to go next is powerful during this transit. Take the time now to dream so you have a vision to follow in the New Year.

Wherever you find Pisces in your chart, you might expect to have a bit more work to put in, effort and energy invested into that area of your life. There can also be a bit of Mars’s more challenging side, which causes friction and conflict, keeping things interesting.

Mercury Retrograde: Aim High, but Hold your Fire

On Friday, November 16, Mercury stations Retrograde in Sagittarius.

Neptune will be causing some additional obfuscation within the Mercury Retrograde this month. Mercury begins to station Retrograde on November 14, reaching the degree in the zodiac where the Retrograde begins on November 16. Incidentally, this puts Mercury in an exact square with Neptune.

Mercury Retrograde square Neptune can create an environment where confusion, crossed wires, and miscommunication are much more likely to occur. Keep your wits about you as you head for the high sea. Wherever this is happening in your birth chart, it may be a good tactic to use this time to review your plans for next year and take this time to be conservative and contemplative.

Mercury in Sagittarius is quick-paced, and although Retrograde which tends to slow things down, might be more of a busy, frenetic sort of Retrograde time. Don’t be pressured into taking action where you’re feeling unsure – you may not be able to see the whole picture right now. Trust your instinct.

If you’re the archer, hold your bow at the ready and don’t shoot until after Mercury is in the clear. This takes perseverance and strength, but you have the power of will on your side. 

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