September 2018: New Moon in Virgo

The New Moon in Virgo arrives on Sunday, September 9, 2018. We’re past Eclipse season and back to the bread-and-butter moon cycles. When Eclipse season comes back at the beginning of next year, it’s going to be – for the most part – a new set of symbols that we’re working with.

This is the in-between time when we’re cutting ties with the past two years and preparing ourselves for future growth. It’s time for the spiritual harvest: figure out what’s going to feed you moving forward, and lay out a serious game-plan for future months.

Significance of the New Moon in Virgo: Devil’s in the Details

The New Moon in Virgo is an opportunity to get organized and be more studious. It’s traditionally time for going “back-to-school.” It’s also useful to check in with the direction of your business before you head into the fourth and final quarter of the year. No matter what your primary projects are, though, there’s a focus on orderliness, knowledge and efficiency.

This Moon’s ruler, Mercury, is in his favorite placement in Virgo. This strengthens our communication, quick-wittedness, and the efficacy of the New Moon in Virgo period. We’re more easily able to see to the details and get down to those nitty gritty tasks that need to be done. Get out your planner and master your time and your space, once and for all. It’ll feel oddly exhilarating to declutter and streamline.

Mercury won’t be here for long. True to its nature, Mercury is back up to speed and will whip through its home sign and land in Libra before the Full Moon. Before you know it, it’ll be Fall.

The New Moon is in opposition to Neptune, which means that we might be feeling a little lost and confused coming into it. Daydreaming and wading into murky waters could be quite enticing at this time. Although the general vibe of this Moon is rather grounded and practical, Neptune adds some color and fantasy. Watch for this master of illusion and euphoria from September 7-15. 

Saturn and Uranus: Reinventing your Daily Grind

Since June, 2018, wise and steady old Saturn (in an exacting and at times laborious and thankless Retrograde) has been reaching across the table to his counterpart, the wild insurgent, Uranus.

This negotiation is between two mad scientists testing the ground under our feet. Uranus in Taurus shakes and rattles at our foundation, making us question our security and sense of stability. Saturn revels in this test, legitimately wanting to see if the structures he’s been building within and below us are worthy of holding up under pressure.

They’ve been moving closer and closer toward perfecting this arrangement of theirs over the Summer. They came closest to a perfect alignment on August 13, just after the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo. They’ll continue their alliance until September 14, although their work continues through October.

Jupiter Sextile Pluto: Transfiguration After Dark

Right before the New Moon in Virgo, we are blessed with an auspicious link between the down-and-dirty self-improvement guru Jupiter and a demolition-happy Pluto, exact from September 6 through September 12, but in a close orb until the end of the month.

Jupiter and Pluto have been offering fertile ground for reawakening in our lives this year, driving profound inner changes. We are expanding outward by delving deeper within ourselves. Much of this has to do with Jupiter going through Pluto’s extremely Scorpionic landscape this year. We’re excavating some true gems from the underworld.

The New Moon is applying to a sextile with Jupiter and a trine to Pluto Retrograde. This ties it in nicely with the Jupiter/Pluto sextile. During the next month, we can expect to see some physical manifestation of the more ethereal changes we’ve been putting into place in our lives ever since January (and peaking in April). 

Dates to pay attention to, where the magnifying glass is on our shadows:

  • January & April 2018 
  • All of September (within orb)
  • September 6-12 (exact aspect)
  • September 10 (Sun sextile Jupiter and trine Pluto) – more is brought to light
  • September 15-16 (Mercury sextile Jupiter and trine Pluto) – an excellent time to reflect through writing or conversation on these topics

Sultry Venus Prepares for Her Own Journey of Intrigue

On the same day as the New Moon in Virgo, Venus enters Scorpio. Venus is getting ready to go Retrograde and her bags are packed. Her journey takes her through the alluring and provocative realm of Scorpio and back into Libra. She’ll be in these two signs for the remainder of the year.

Venus Retrograde brings a dream-like quality to our relationships and invites us to reimagine our desires. Underworld Venus can shake up partnerships or value systems, and bring lovers back from our past.

Although her Retrograde station doesn’t come until October 6, September is host to some surprising configurations between Venus/Mars (affecting relationships), Uranus (upsetting the status quo and testing our infrastructure), and the North and South Nodes (karmic future and karmic past).

Here are the dates and degrees for this Venus Retrograde:

  • Venus is at 25 degrees Libra, setting the stage as of September 2;
  • From New Moon to Full Moon (September 9-24) – there may be choppy waters;
  • Venus stations Retrograde on October 6 (at 10 degrees of Scorpio);
  • re-enters Libra on October 30;
  • stations Direct on November 16 (at 25 degrees of Libra);
  • re-enters Scorpio on December 2;
  • exits the shadow zone and officially finishes on December 18;
  • enters Sagittarius on January 7, 2019.

Mars: Our Activities Slowly Gather Steam

The day after the New Moon, on September 10, Mars changes signs as well. He makes his way back to Aquarius following his own Retrograde journey. Mars has been Direct for a little while now, which is a relief because Mars Retrograde slows most of us down considerably. However, he’s still in his shadow zone. This means that we might still be struggling a bit to kick it into full gear. 

Here are the dates for Mars Retrograde:

  • Mars stations Retrograde on June 26 (at 9 degrees of Aquarius);
  • Mars at his closest, brightest, and beside the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on July 27;
  • re-enters Capricorn on August 12;
  • stations Direct on August 27 (at 28 degrees of Capricorn);
  • re-enters Aquarius on September 10;
  • exits the shadow zone and officially ends his Retrograde period on October 10.

The Trajectory of September’s Moon 

The First Quarter Moon will be in upbeat Sagittarius on Sunday, September 16. Should we manage to stay on task despite Neptune’s cloud cover, we are rewarded at this encouraging check-in point. We can see some positive developments taking shape.

We are also given to motivation and enthusiasm during the Full Moon in Aries on Monday, September 24.

The Last Quarter Moon will be in supportive Cancer on October 2. The Moon cycle carries us through October 7.

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