New Moon in Cancer Solar Eclipse - Gazing into the Sea

July, 2018: New Moon in Cancer, Solar Eclipse

The New Moon in Cancer this month falls on Thursday, July 12th in a heartfelt water sign. It will be a partial Solar Eclipse. While not as intense as a total Solar Eclipse, it will be more dramatic than the usual New Moon and a harbinger of what will be unfolding over the next 2 years.

Since 2017, Eclipses have been in the opposite signs of Leo and Aquarius. This has given us a thread of meaning in our lives that has centered around these related values:

2017-2018 Eclipse Themes in Leo/Aquarius

  • ego / free will, versus one’s part in a collective
  • intrepid expression of the self, knowing and trusting oneself
  • not needing to “fit in” – being an outsider
  • strong opinions and debate over personal values
  • dramatic displays of power and strength
  • monarchy versus democracy
  • social justice and alliances
  • focus on legacy and longevity

We still have one more eclipse on this axis – the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius at the end of July. However, after this, all eclipses will be in Cancer and Capricorn until 2020. This means that the karmic Lunar Nodes will be activating a new area in each of our charts and will hold new values for us to unpack.

This partial Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer is our first taste of the next fateful series. At the same time, it is introducing a lunar cycle that culminates in the last Eclipse in Leo/Aquarius territory until 2045. We can all expect some culmination and pivoting during this time as we embrace the incoming energies in our lives.

2018-2020 Eclipse Themes in Cancer/Capricorn

  • issues of emotional and material security
  • inheritance and family history
  • nourishment and survival, diet and exercise regimens
  • resolving the past with the present, especially feelings
  • attachment, dependence, relationships
  • the need to achieve and be recognized

Intensity Breeds Insight

As the union of the Sun and Moon on the dragon’s axis prepares us for what’s to come in the next few years, Luna sits directly opposite Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn. This lends intensity to an already especially shiny and new New Moon.

Pluto in Capricorn has been working on a deep restructuring of our governments, corporations and institutions since 2008. The efforts here are even more focused since Saturn joined in on the fun this year. Pluto will remain here in the business mode of efficiently tearing down and transfiguring systems until 2024. Tough-loving Saturn will be alongside him through 2020.

The New Moon in Cancer is separating from two idealistic trines with gentle Jupiter and Neptune, and benefits from Jupiter’s recent stationing direct. This can help nudge us in the right direction, offering some levity and inspiration in the midst of Pluto’s brawn. This also supports us in attaining insights from the recent Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio period, which started in March 2018 and ended on July 10th.

The New Moon in Cancer is also host to a grand trine between Venus, Uranus, and Saturn in Earth signs. Venus, a planet associated with love, relationships, pleasure, property, values and agreements, is getting a shake-up and an invitation to rewrite the script. 

Important Lunar Dates for July/August

The First Quarter Moon will be in Libra, wishing for positive rapport on July 19. As we proceed to initiate a new chapter in our lives, we’d do well to revisit how we choose to engage in our relationships. 

The Full Moon on July 27th will be our last Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, hand-in-hand with Mars Retrograde. This is a fairly confrontational Moon and, in general, a good time to lay low.

The Last Quarter Moon will be in Taurus on August 4th, cementing Venus’s role and the focus on relationships in this Moon Cycle.

Rabble-Rouser Mars is in the Ring

Our warrior spirit, Mars, is undergoing a Retrograde adventure on the South Node in Aquarius. He will be directly on the fated spot, battling our past attachments from July 19th until the 23rd. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on the 27th is cavorting with him, which can bring in some red-hot tempers and strong wills.

Mars energizes us to cut ties with the past. This isn’t always through our deliberate choices, but sometimes a mandate by ruthless external decree. We may feel a need to take personal space or a time out, or it may be that we need to respect other’s need for personal space from us.

Mars is opposite the Sun the day before the Full Moon, marking the half-way point through his Retrograde cycle.

Mercury Joins the Retrograde Train

Mercury will be Retrograde in Leo from July 25th until August 18th. This is on top of several other planets in Retrograde – Saturn, Mars, Pluto, Neptune, and Chiron. This creates an undercurrent of revision and inward journeying during the third quarter of this year.

Mercury Retrograde in Leo is a great time to spend envisioning your personal brand, unique voice and style. While not a magnificent time to shout from the rooftops, you may want to more privately start to dig into the things that can impassion you to do so.


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