May 2019 Astrology Forecast: Full Bloom

This is a general forecast that feels out the astrological “weather” for the month. These planetary influences affect all life and enterprises on Earth. Each will be affected in different ways, depending on the chart of the native or the inception of the enterprise.

If you’re interested in getting a closer than bird’s eye view on the month, check out your Horoscope for May 2019 (coming soon).

New Moon in Taurus (May 4)

One of the major influences of any month is the lunar cycle. This month we are in Taurus to Gemini season, and we have a New Moon in Taurus.

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The New Moon begins a fresh cycle on May 4, which is a Saturday. This means that, for the first few days of May 2019, there is a feeling of letting go, winding down, and wrapping up. May 1st falls in the middle of the week. There can be a feeling of still putting a close on April as we close in on the New Moon May 4.

The New Moon in Taurus marks Beltane and the full embrace of Spring in the Northern hemisphere. It’s a beautiful time to work outdoors, get out into nature, tend a garden, and gather with friends and family.

Mercury in Taurus (May 6 – 20)

Mercury follows into Taurus on May 6. This is the Monday following our New Moon in Taurus, coloring the following two weeks in earthen hues. Mercury brings more grounded and practical energy to the table this fortnight.

Thoughts and conversations have a steady, tangible quality during this period (May 6 – 20). We may be more fixed in our opinions, and have a strong idea of what we like and don’t like about a given situation.

Mercury rules commerce, both in the sense of exchanges between people and large-scale buying and selling. There’s a trend toward tried and tested methods, hands-on experience, and endurance.

First Quarter Moon in Leo (May 11)

The first checking-in point we get for the lunar month comes on the second Saturday, May 11 in Leo. Like Taurus, Leo is a Fixed Sign, which means that it can be depended on to be most like itself, invariably authentic and extroverted.

If you use the Quarter Moon to check in with your current affairs, you will benefit by looking into themes related to Leo. Consider how emergence of self, the desire for attention or an audience, and outward creative expression figure in.

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Venus in Taurus (May 15 – June 8)

For three and a half weeks, starting directly in the middle of the month on Wednesday, May 15, Venus rejoices in Taurus. This is one of the Signs which Venus rules. Taurean values consist of beauty, fine art, music, and tangible pleasures of the sort, which Venus loves.

This is generally a pleasant and auspicious time for Venus. The planet of bonding desires whatever feels good and brings people together. She doesn’t deviate much from what she wants, but she can persuade others to her opinion by making things nice for them.

The month is ripe for hands-on, tactile, sensual engagements, especially for the second half of May. There should always be time to stop and smell the flowers if you’d ask Venus her opinion, but the flowers are never more bountiful than in May.

Mars in Cancer (May 15 – July 1)

Starting in mid-May, we get a month and a half of Mars in Cancer. This is a placement for Mars that doesn’t come as naturally to the red-eyed warrior. Cancer being the sensitive and psychic spot of the Zodiac, associated with emotion and motherhood, and Mars being who he is, leaves him feeling somewhat disjointed.

What Mars and Cancer do share in common is an instinct for protection. Like a mama bear, we ruthlessly defend what is precious and private to us. Therefore there can be some lashing out or digging in when we feel triggered or threatened somehow.

Mars is the planet of work and action, and the Sign that he’s in represents the quality of our actions and enterprises. Cancer is a Cardinal Sign, which means that it is by nature motivated, forward propelled, and action-oriented. Mars can relate to and appreciate this quality of Cancer, even if he doesn’t want to betray his feelings to others so easily.

Full Moon in Scorpio (May 18)

The culmination of the lunar month comes on the third Saturday, May 18, in Scorpio. This is a moody and potentially quite intense feeling Moon. It’s a recipe for deep insight and probing investigation, behind which stir hunger and desire. There may be an obsession to follow things through and get to the bottom of an issue.

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The Full Moon is generally a time of peak energy, illumination, and coming to completion. Shortly after the Moon is at her most Full, she’ll slip into Sagittarius, leaving us in the end on a more optimistic note.

Sun & Mercury in Gemini (May 21)

We enter Gemini season with the Sun and Mercury both jumping into the current of the chatty twins on Tuesday, May 21. This time of year represents the last part of Spring in the Northern hemisphere, when there is a changeable quality in the air. Summer will be upon us soon, but until then we are somewhat in flux.

Gemini is a very social and curious Sign. Mercury in Gemini wants all the dirt and wants to sing from the rooftops all the clever things he’s come to know. He’ll be in this quick pace and oscillating between opposites until he changes Signs again on June 4. This gives two weeks of this broadcasting, sharing, and fact-finding frame of mind.

Last Quarter Moon in Pisces (May 26)

The final part of the Lunar month comes on Sunday, May 26, in Pisces. This is during the latter half of the Northwest Astrology Conference in Seattle (incidentally it will be my first Astrology conference which I am very excited about).

You can use this Lunar marker as a way of checking in with current developments in your life. As it’s happening in Pisces, you can reflect on how the quality of Pisces has to do with the ending of this month-long cycle for you. By now you will have a clear picture of what this month has been about. If you take the events of today and compare them to the full cycle, you can bring home some key insights.

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Pisces energy is expansive, yet introverted. It can be quite spiritual in the way of meaningful inner expansion. It’s a creative, artistic, and feeling quality that Pisces brings, and often defers to the collective. There can be themes of surrender, becoming part of a whole, or serving others before yourself.

The month of May 2019 wraps up the following Friday, in anticipation of the next New Moon on June 3rd.

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