March 2019

March 2019: Deep Feels, Visions, & Creativity

March 2019 is an imaginative, free-flowing month astrologically. It’s a great time for creative enterprises, vision-boarding, or any other right-brained pursuits. The strong focus on Pisces, Neptune, and a month-long Mercury Retrograde may cause crossed wires, confusion, and a lack of focus or clarity. It’s best to go with the flow this month. The creative focus is more on design than production.

Venus in Aquarius (March 1 – 26): Social Butterfly & Champion of Causes

Venus enters Aquarius on March 1, and she is out of the woods. She had some difficult dance partners last month (Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node) while in Capricorn. Now she can breathe a sigh of relief. Just in time for the NW Tarot Symposium!

In Aquarius, Venus is more social and friendly to people in her circle and to strangers. She’s light on her feet, ready to make their acquaintance and get into their heads. We can feel more emotionally involved in our work or networking efforts during this time. Idealism and experimentation are the call of the day.

We get a nice sextile between Jupiter and Venus on the 21st, just after a lovely Full Moon and Spring Equinox. Venus in Aquarius can hold her own and be more aware of her ideals. Hope and optimism are restored after last month’s foray into doubt and insecurity.

Venus in Pisces (March 26 – April 20): Psychic Connection & Creativity

Venus enters Pisces on the 26th. In Pisces, Venus is much more inwardly focused. We may all be feeling this a bit sooner than Venus’s ingress into Pisces, because the skies are full of Pisces energy at the moment. Pisces likes to be in calm, relaxing environments, often away from crowds.

Rather than just wanting a good conversation with friends like she does in Aquarius, Venus will start to prefer privacy and quiet companionship, wanting to bond and go deep. Forget the small talk.

This month, a lot of the focus will be on the psychic and non-material realm of Pisces – from a month-long Mercury Retrograde to the New Moon. Both of these inward journeys are happening alongside Neptune, who’s considered to be the modern ruler of these deep seas.

Add to this Venus in Pisces at the end of the month, and we are pretty much submerged in our feelings for the time being. Towards the end of the month and into April, we have a chance to bring our values up to speed with our visioning process. Venus will be in Pisces until April 20.

This has the potential to be a very creative month. Productivity should be measured not by our physical output but by what we are able to dream up. The focus is on our psychic awareness and inner development of creative ideas and inspiration.

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces (March 5 – March 28): Dream Big & Go with the Flow

Buckle up, as Mercury will be Retrograde in Pisces for most of March, from March 5 until the 28th. The full shadow of this Retrograde period covers February 19 – April 16. During this entire time frame, the usual Mercurial areas of life will be cast under a fog: communication, technology, short-distance travel, paperwork, learning, thinking, perception, the facts and the details of daily living.

What makes this Mercury Retrograde even murkier than usual is that it’s in Pisces. Mercury has been in Pisces since February 10, where he is considered to be in his Detriment. This means that he can easily get in his own way here.

We’re talking about the planet in charge of our logical mind, rationale and communication. In Pisces, he is all too willing to slip into unconscious pools of visionary sequences rather than focus on the world before him.

Not only that but the king of surrealism, Neptune, is here right now. Mercury will have to pass by him three times during the course of this journey. The seafarer’s intoxicating pull into other dimensions can lead to much confusion and a total lack of concentration. The second conjunction of Mercury and Neptune occurs on the 24th, making this a particularly odd day.

Uranus in Taurus (2019 – 2026): Get Ready for a Makeover in a New Area of your Life

The same day as Mercury’s Retrograde station, March 5, is the day that Uranus finally goes into Taurus for the next seven years or so. Uranus has been in Aries since May 27, 2010, innovating the area of our charts where Aries lives since this time.

We had our first taste of what the new wave of Uranus in Taurus will look like when he tiptoed into the foreign territory from May 15 to November 6, 2018. There he traveled just a hair into his new world, but due to a recent Retrograde, he has been back in Aries. He’s finishing up in one area of our lives that has seen massive changes in the past decade, and preparing to energize a new area of the chart.

On March 5, Uranus will move into Taurus where he will be until April 25, 2026. This begins a new 7 year journey, wherein Uranus will revolutionize and innovate the area of our charts that it touches.

On the mundane level, Uranus in Taurus is characterized by a sudden shift toward a more feminine, earth-focused era. We will likely see great innovations concerning food, agriculture, fashion, renewable energy, and economics.

New Moon in Pisces (March 6), Full Moon in Libra (March 20): More Dreamy, Artsy Vibes

The New Moon this month is in Pisces on March 6. The New Moon is conjunct Neptune, highlighting the focus on the imaginal realm this month. This is a brilliant time for envisioning what you want to create. This is a creative, dream-heavy month. The imagination can really run wild.

The First Quarter Moon is in Gemini on March 14; the inferior conjunction of Mercury is on the same day, marking the halfway point of the Retrograde journey. As you check in with yourself a fortnight into the month, you might take advantage of that Venus in Aquarius energy to socialize or work some intellectual energy out. It might be refreshing to have some conversation or creative writing to engage in now.

We have a Full Moon in Libra on the 20th. Another artistic sign, Libra is harmonizing and equalizing by nature. It enjoys fine company, beauty and justice in all forms. This full moon is encouraging us to bring our creative visualization process home, and to renovate our value system. Is our new vision in line with our values? How are we making the world a better place through our efforts?

The Last Quarter Moon this month is in Capricorn on the 27th. By the month’s end we’re asked to bring it all home. Now that you’ve done all this dreaming up, you’ve got to find a way to build the new vision into your daily routine, schedule, and regimens that rely on consistency and persistence.

Mars in Taurus & Gemini: From Relative Inaction to Releasing Pent-up Energies at the End of the Month

Mars has been in Taurus since February 14, where he is in his Detriment as well. It may be slow moving until he enters Gemini on March 30. Especially considering the other energies at play this March, it’s best not to try to force your will on the world. As uncomfortable as it may be at times, it’s better to move with the tide.

We may want to dig in our heels, or grow impatient with the lack of physical progress right now, but try to remind yourself that it’s just the lay of the land at the moment. Things will start to come back to speed next month with a bunch of fresh Aries energy on the agenda.

Mars in Gemini is much happier because he can be quite swift in motion. Once he moves into this more restless, mentally dextrous sign at the month’s end, we can start putting our ideas into practice.

March 2019 Timeline

Friday, March 1 – Venus enters Aquarius.

Tuesday, March 5 – Mercury Retrograde begins; Uranus enters Taurus.

Wednesday, March 6 – New Moon in Pisces.

Thursday, March 14 – First Quarter Moon in Gemini.

Wednesday, March 20 – Full Moon in Libra, Sun enters Aries, Spring Equinox.

Sunday, March 24 – Mercury conjoins Neptune.

Tuesday, March 26 – Venus enters Pisces.

Wednesday, March 27 – Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn.

Thursday, March 28 – Mercury stations Direct.

Saturday, March 30 – Mars enters Gemini.

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