January 2019: New Worlds Await

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn: Introducing the New Eclipse Series, 2018-2020

Quick-witted Mercury enters stringent Capricorn on January 4, and a New Moon follows in the sign of the mysterious and hard-laboring sea-goat on Saturday, January 5.

This New Moon, with its build-up in hard-liner Capricorn, is a partial Solar Eclipse. The Sun and Moon are sandwiched between tough guys Saturn and Pluto, who will pull closer and closer together all year, leading up to their eventual dramatic conjunction in early 2020.

This New Moon Solar Eclipse thus welcomes us to 2019, introducing us to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction that will build up all year, as well as to the Eclipse series in Cancer and Capricorn that brings us through 2020.

The new Eclipse series started in Cancer on July 12, 2018, highlighting issues of home, family security, roots, and emotional awareness and vulnerability. These eclipses will be happening right beside the ever-deepening Pluto-Saturn conjunction.

On the Capricorn side of things we may see an energy shift dealing with regimens, routines, tradition, security, boundaries and responsibilities.

This is the heavier part of what we have to deal with in 2019. It is luckily counter-balanced by Jupiter’s optimistic and fortunate placement in Sagittarius, helped out this month with the accompaniment of a strong and flirtatious Venus.

Uranus Direct in Aries: 2 More Months to Wrap up a Personal Journey which Started in 2011

January invites us to consider another new path that will emerge this year, that of the electric maverick Uranus entering a new sector of our charts for the next 8 years. Uranus stations direct the day after the New Moon, preparing to enter Taurus again on March 7.

This initiates a 2 month hibernation period where we can wrap up our 2011-2018 Uranus quest and lay the seeds for what personal innovations await us in the coming decade. Much can be gained from considering where Uranus has been in your birth chart and where he is headed next.

The Light Side: Venus and Jupiter in Sagittarius

Morning Star Venus enters Sagittarius on the 7th, joining effervescent Jupiter with optimism and grace. Together they are a force of brilliance, courage, and enchantment, supporting us with their ever-present warmth and positivity. The two will merge on January 22, just following the Full Moon in Leo.

Their conjunction at the peak of the lunar cycle, which also happens to be a total Lunar Eclipse, lends the month a positive and hopeful quality, despite some of the restrictions or severity that may be imposed by the emphasis on Saturn-ruled Capricorn.

The First Quarter Moon is in Aries on the 13th, bringing attention to an ambitious Mars who is present in his home sign of Aries all month, encouraging us to take immediate action, be bold and enthusiastic.

Jupiter squares Neptune the same day as the Quarter Moon, lending a surreal and mythopoetic quality to an already phantasmagorically placed Jupiter. This is an expansive, imaginative aspect that will continue to play out throughout the year. Jupiter squares Neptune on January 13, June 16, and September 21.

Total Lunar Eclipse & Full Moon in Leo: A Final Curtain on the Last Cycle

The Full Moon this month is on the 21st in bold Leo – a glorious Total Lunar Eclipse. This is the very last of the Leo/Aquarius Eclipses which have colored our lives for the past two years. After this, we are completely set in the Cancer/Capricorn territory which dominates 2019 and 2020.

Mars squares Saturn the day of the Full Moon, which can generate tension or conflict in our lives, but also can activate our more willful sense of self-discipline if we can channel it so.

Mercury joins the Sun in Aquarius shortly after on the 23rd, setting an experimental but rigid and rigorous tone to the end of the month.

The Last Quarter Moon will be in Scorpio on January 27th, further encouraging a deep introspection into where we’ve been and where we’re going.

There is one last aspect of note falling on the very last day of the month, Saturn sextile Neptune on the 31st. This is a relatively subtle influence but perhaps mollifying to the hard edges of the Capricorn build-up this month. The aspect repeats to the tune of 3: we see it again on June 18 and November 8.

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