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Gemini May 2019 Horoscope: Solitude and Dreams

This is a horoscope for Gemini Rising during the month of May 2019. For the general astro weather for the month, visit the May 2019 astrology forecast. If you don’t know your Rising Sign, you can find out by entering your birth data in a free chart on

Your Gemini May 2019 horoscope is organized into sections based on the major astrological events of the month. Every month features a full lunar cycle – from New Moon to Full Moon and back again. We will begin with the New Moon and work our way through the month chronologically.

New Moon in Taurus (May 4): Planting Seeds in the Unknown

The New Moon in Taurus arrives on Saturday, May 4th, giving a subtle nudge to an area of your chart that can deal with limitations or unconscious forces. This may affect your dreaming mind more than waking consciousness. Issues that have been repressed or restrictive forces acting against you can be indicated by this area of your chart. You may or may not be very conscious of these things, but the New Moon can stir the pot.

This is an area that will be seeing some innovation, disruption, or unexpected shake-ups as Uranus passes through it during the next seven years. This long-term transit began on March 5, 2019 and lasts until April 25, 2026. We also had a preview when Uranus first dipped into Taurus from May 15 to November 6, 2018.

You can look to that time period and also consider how things have been developing in this area since March 5 for clues as to where this is going. Uranus by its very nature though aims to surprise, so the way that things are now is not necessarily the way they will be.

Regardless of how much rumbling you’ve had going on with regard to your personal underworld, May 4 offers an opportunity for you to set your intentions in this area.

Mercury, Venus, & Uranus in Tow

The planet Mercury represents the conscious mind, communications of all kinds, daily commutes and mundane affairs. He-she brings attention to this same area of your chart that is energized by the New Moon – that having to do with your unconscious. Your thoughts and awareness are directed more toward your inner world and desire for solitude could result. This is especially the case while Mercury is in Taurus, from May 6 to May 21.

Intensifying this focus is Venus – the planet of love, comfort, and values. She’ll bring a gentle encouragement to your underworld and shadow during her time in Taurus, from May 15 to June 8.

This year, Mercury and Venus encounter an unusual co-presence stirring up the unexpected in this area of your chart. That’s Uranus, who is just beginning a 7 year transit through Taurus. During this time you are likely to experience shake-ups and innovations that seem to come out of nowhere but have their roots in the unconscious.

Special hot spot days to watch for this month are when Mercury and Venus each collide with this revolutionary stranger. Mercury conjoins Uranus in Taurus on May 8th, and Venus will do the same on May 18 – incidentally on the Full Moon.

Mars in Gemini and Cancer: Self Drive and Material Development

Mars is the archetypal soldier and warrior. He governs our self will, activity, and ambition. For the first half of the month, Mars is in Gemini where he’s been since March 30. This is a more active and engaged, social Mars to deal with.

In this position, he can tend to reach in more than one direction. He can be capable of a great and nimble sort of multitasking in Gemini. Or you might feel split in a million different directions. For you, he’s been at work in your sector of your personal identity, sense of self, body, and willfulness. Mars will be here working here on your personal behalf until May 15.

From May 15 until June 26, Mars will be in Cancer. The hot-headed one can be a bit reactive in this sign, undeterred by other’s wills and driven by feeling. You could be shouting directions to save the life of Mars in Cancer, and he might ignore you in favor of his own gut understanding of what is right to do.

In your case, Mars is moving on mid-May to stimulate your financial sector and connections to physical needs and resources. Your actions can be more directed towards your individual values and investments during this time. You might actively strategize to look into your physical and material needs now.

First Quarter Moon in Leo (May 11): Broadcast your Views

For Gemini, May 2019 starts the lunar cycle with the dial honing in on what is unknown or hidden. You may be dealing with what’s below the surface. The first milestone you face on this journey has to do more with the conscious, tangible world. Things like riding the subway, walking in your neighborhood, or conversing with siblings and peers.

How does connecting to people in your daily life affect your thoughts and private ruminations this week? One way of maintaining a sense of groundedness is through engaging with people in your immediate environment.

On the First Quarter Moon, you have an opportunity to check in with your current progress. This Quarter Moon is encouraging you to be your glorious self – teaching and spreading the news. Enjoy the reign of being in your own element as you engage others around you this week.

Full Moon in Scorpio (May 18): Illuminating Structures and Health Routines

The Full Moon arrives on May 18, illuminating your place of physical health and daily habits. This facilitates insights into the needs of your body and routine. There can be intense feelings and deep insights during the moody Scorpio Moon. From your unconscious to your regular conversations, the cycle is brought to your routines and daily tasks. Ultimately this has to do with your immediate environment and daily activities.

You may have a clearer vision of how to structure your everyday life now. If you spend time reflecting or journaling, it can be helpful to look into the containers that support your emotional processing. How is your unconscious mind affecting your body and well-being? How do your systems of communication support you? And do you see any roadblocks or limitations manifesting at work?

Last Quarter Moon in Pisces (May 26): Step onto the Stage

The Last Quarter Moon phase is a final hurrah for the Lunar month. It completes the cycle on Sunday, May 26 in imaginative Pisces, lighting up your house of career and reputation. This is an emotive and almost spiritual time where you may feel more passionate about serving and showing up to make the world a better place through your work. You can take the world stage now and advance your ambition by sharing your creativity and compassion now.

During this time you may feel drawn to connect with others by your philanthropic efforts. It’s also a creative and artistic time when you can have a more imaginative way of being in the world. There may be an element of escape from the ordinary involved here, perhaps through performance or diving deep into stories as part of your life’s work.

To round out your lunar month, check in with the entire process in retrospect. What insights do you have today about your unconscious reactions, your communication, and your organization and well-being?

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