Full Moon in Pisces August 2018

August 2018: Full Moon in Pisces

The Full Moon in Pisces on August 26, 2018 is the first Moon we’ve had in a while that isn’t cozied up to a difficult planet or else packed with the extra punch of an Eclipse.

Let it flow like Pisces this time around and take a much-needed siesta to recharge and refresh yourself. It’s an excellent opportunity to renew yourself on an inner, deeply emotional level.

Jupiter Trine Neptune: Reaching toward the Heavens

Since the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 11, there has been an idyllic bond forged between the most ethereal or spiritual planets, Jupiter and Neptune.

Moving into the Full Moon in Pisces, these two water-dwelling giants pave the way for an over-the-top fantasy landscape. Big feelings swell and inspiration dazzles the higher mind.

Neptune is the harbinger of fantasy, delusion, and hedonism. In his home sign of shape-shifting Pisces from 2011 to 2026, Neptune feels especially slippery. He is altering and obscuring reality, casting a dream-like haze around us and blurring boundaries.

Jupiter in Scorpio has been working over-time this year to expose what has long festered in the shadows – such as sexual abuse, abuses of power, cover-ups and corruption. He’s also called on us to look deep within, peering into our own shadows for philosophical or spiritual insight.

In these murky and toxic waters, we’re casting for a belief system to hold onto. We have to decide what we believe in, and how to stand up for what we think is right.

Now we can hold the truth up to our felt sense and experience it on a profoundly emotional level. Neptune gives us the chance to turn our feelings into poetry, music and art.

Saturn, Uranus, and the Sun – Grand Earth Trine: Realize your Potential

Although we may have been adrift and frustrated a lot lately, as we move into the space of the Full Moon in Pisces we may start to feel a sense of direction again.

A grand Earth trine between the Sun, Saturn and Uranus can help us keep our feet on solid ground, encouraging us to make tangible plans for turning our favorite apparitions into reality (eventually – take logical steps now but keep in mind the long-view).

Onward & Forward: Mars Stations Direct

Mars stations direct on August 27 in Capricorn, the day following the Full Moon in Pisces. This is very good news indeed, as we can all start to finally move forward again (hallelujah, amiright)!

Mercury and Jupiter, now moving freely again as well, join teams to shed light on the truth. They want to express who we really are, pockmarks and all.

Last Quarter Moon in Gemini on September 2: Looking Forward

The Last Quarter Moon in Gemini supports sharing our realizations and debating the path we ought to take into the future, which has meanwhile already arrived.

Things are starting to move ahead now at a faster pace. We are starting to give voice to our realizations of the past month, and longer.

Saturn stations direct in Capricorn and Mercury enters Virgo on September 5. Mercury comes into a grand Earth trine with Saturn and Uranus to manifest something of value following its recent Retrograde journey.

Jupiter Sextile Pluto: An Inner Revolution

Just in time for the Full Moon in Pisces, we have the third and final installment of Jupiter sextile Pluto. This is an aspect that has been deeply restructuring our lives over the course of this year.

In January, April, and September of 2018, Jupiter and Pluto have been joining forces to support an inner rebirth. This transformation is happening in the parts of our charts where Scorpio and Capricorn live, and it speaks to the issues dug up for us personally by Jupiter’s trek through Scorpio.

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