June, 2018: Full Moon in Capricorn

The Full Moon in Capricorn is on Wednesday, June 27, 2018. The Full Moon is a time of culminating energies, climax, and revelation.

The Full Moon in Capricorn Cozies up to the Gatekeeper, Saturn

At the time of the Full Moon in Capricorn (9pm PST), the Moon has just passed Saturn, who’s moving in apparent backward motion (Retrograde) through this same territory of industrious Capricorn. Saturn has just had his own annual stand-off with the Sun.

A Full Moon in Capricorn with Retrograde Saturn can be a bit heavy. Our attention is drawn toward responsibilities, goals, commitments, routines, structure and regimens. However, limitations, obstacles, boundaries and constraints can also feature at this time.

We may be in the thick of reviewing where we stand on these issues, having been called on by Saturn’s Retrograde journey to deeply consider the role of structure and self-discipline in our lives, especially since mid-April. This is particularly true for those going through their Saturn Return in Capricorn.

The Wounded Healer Chiron Touches this Moon

Adding to the more somber tone of this Moon is a square from wounded healer, Chiron. The Centaur offers us space to heal, grow, and recover, challenging us to begin finding our independence by establishing new rules for ourselves and our lives. The boundaries that keep us feeling well are more important than ever.

Chiron will begin his Retrograde journey on the 4th of July, on his way back to Pisces for a spell. From mid-April, 2018 until the end of September, we have a bit of a preview of what Chiron in Aries (2018-2027) will look like. Chiron will be back in Pisces from the end of September until mid-February, 2019.

The Influence of Mars Retrograde in Aquarius

Mars is riding on the South Node on his own Retrograde journey now. The South Node is the eclipse point of the karmic past, and it’s currently in Aquarius. As we begin an extended review of our desires, ambitions, and individual action plans, we’re being called to release baggage from the past.

Mars will be Retrograde from Tuesday, June 26 until August 27, 2018. This lends an interesting note to the Saturnian Full Moon. Mars has been slowing down for a while now, but at the time of the Full Moon in Capricorn, he has all but come to a dead stop.

The Mars/Saturn Retrograde combo Moon can be met with frustration, seeing us held up at the cosmic stop light when we really want to make forward progress. Mars on the South Node is dredging up some stuff from the past, and insisting that we sort through it and purge before heading forward. This may be related to feeling like the “outsider” or not fitting into the traditional or accepted status quo.

Wildcard Uranus in Taurus Tests our Sense of Groundedness

This Full Moon in Capricorn is also making a connection to Uranus in Taurus. This emphasizes the ways in which we feel stable, secure, grounded, and connected with our bodies and physical environment. We may feel a need to find our roots in this situation, and it can be helpful to do some activities that help us feel grounded in our bodies.

Mercury Leaves Vulnerable Cancer for  Leo & Prepares to go Retrograde

Mercury will enter Leo on June 28th, 2018. While Mercury has been in Cancer, we’ve been more prone to deep, intimate ways of communicating. In Leo, we may feel more expressive, colorful, and bold in expressing opinions.

Mercury is preparing for its biannual Retrograde journey at the end of July, entering the shadow zone on July 7. Everything from July 7 to the Retrograde beginning on July 25 will then be up for review in a sense. Mercury will be Retrograde from July 25 until August 18, 2018.

Venus Wraps up her Performative Spin through Leo and Gets Studious

Venus will also change signs, entering Virgo on July 9th. Venus – the intimate planet – has been in creative, expressive Leo, where she adores affection and attention. In Virgo, Venus is more reserved and prudent in relationships and a little less indulgent. Here she likes to have all her special possessions in order and home presentable for hosting company.

Jupiter Finishes His Dark Journey through the Underworld

Jupiter will finish his dark, introspective Retrograde journey through Scorpio on July 10th. This may come as a relief to those of us deep in shadow work and undergoing transmutation under this influence. Jupiter has been digging up some ancient artifacts and inner demons, revealing what was hidden and working overtime to bring about justice and truth.

Jupiter will continue on a bit of a lighter note exploring Scorpio’s territory until he makes a buoyant landing in his home of Sagittarius in November.

The New Moon was in Gemini on June 13th

The seed of this Moon cycle was planted in Gemini, which started us out at a quick pace. Social visits, travel, and various communications may have dominated at the start of this Moon, but the Full Moon brings a bit of quiet, pulling inward, and finding our sense of duty that will be needed in the coming days.

The First Quarter Moon was in Virgo on June 20th

The First Quarter Moon was on Wednesday, June 20 in practical and studious Virgo – just before Summer Solstice. This was a nice setup for the Earthy Capricorn mood, which is also focused on material matters.

The Final Quarter of this Moon will be in Aries on July 6th

The Last Quarter Moon will be in Aries on July 5th. This affirms the importance of boundaries and independence in our spiritual healing journeys, via Chiron in Aries.

We can expect things to mostly slow down after this in preparation for a New Moon in Cancer and the developments that will come with that cycle.

Until next time, enjoy the beauty of the Full Moon!

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