A fiery Sun over neat rows of lavender represents this Full Moon in Aries

September 2018: Full Moon in Aries

The Full Moon in Aries falls on Monday, September 24. This is an energizing Full Moon, although its ruler – Mars – is still slinking by in the shadow zone and recovering from his recent retrograde. The dust on Mars is starting to settle, however, and he’s slowly building up some forward momentum for us.

This Full Moon is a time to act on your agenda, the details of which you likely started pouring over during the New Moon two weeks ago.

If you take action on your goals now, it can be done in a decisive, straight-forward fashion. Aries favors quick motion and does away with hesitation. Take into mind who you are, what you want, and act on your inner impulse. This isn’t a careless sort of action but a structured one – there’s reason behind it but it’s an inner reason. Trust your gut instinct.

The orderliness of the Virgo Moon cycle has nicely prepared us to move forward with energy and clarity now. Take a look at the ways you’ve gotten yourself organized and ready for just this moment. What’s your heart’s desire? What do you want to accomplish next?

The Full Moon in Aries is Putting a Spotlight on a Young Chiron 

Chiron, the wounded healer, has been in Aries only since April. He’s warming up for about a seven year journey through this territory. This will sensitize us all to issues concerning Aries, including themes of independence and will. 

With the Full Moon in Aries sitting next to Chiron, we have a glimpse of what this transit might have in store for us. Consider if there are any issues of tenderness coming up for you. It’s okay to be a little selfish sometimes. Now might be the time to get clear on what you want and take some time for yourself.

It Feels So Good to Move

Sitting still is not really an option for Aries. Aries is always on the move. With the Moon experiencing her peak here, it’s bound to feel good to get up and get a move on. Exercising, getting up and out early in the day, and staying on the move will have a refreshing, rejuvenating quality.

If you really want to take advantage of the moment, take a risk or put yourself out there in a way you wouldn’t ordinarily. Aries favors bold action. 

Mars is on the South Node 

With Mars on the South Node again, we can expect more issues coming up for us about the long forgotten past. We may have to shed some old skin to get to the truth of who we are today. Old feuds have to be broken down before they can be resolved and forgotten. 

The Aries Moon is eager to move ahead, but Mars on this hot spot calls our attention to what’s behind us. To find a happy middle ground we have to consider how the past shaped us and take this knowledge into our current plan of action. 

Self-Discipline is 100% Required

Although on its own, the Full Moon in Aries might allow for spontaneous play, Saturn is in a T-Square with the Sun and Moon here. Saturn is watching over this Full Moon with a cold, discerning eye. Are you paying due attention to your responsibilities? Are you reneging on your commitments? 

Now is the time to acknowledge where you stand on these issues. Use Saturn’s sense of structure and core strength to move from a place of balance and with a sense of duty and purpose. You need to know who you are and what you want, and to act on this – but in a way that honors your responsibilities and acknowledges the restrictions that are on you.

The Last Quarter Moon

The last hurrah for this Moon cycle comes in the sign of Cancer on Tuesday, October 2. We arrive in this deep-feeling moment, having come full circle to some issues that were really coming up for us starting in July: our sense of home, emotional security, and what it means to take care of ourselves and others.

As we prepare for the next Moon cycle, which begins with a focus on creating harmony in relationships, we’re in the mood to prod our own depth of feeling. We’re moved to reach out and take care of those we care about now. It’s time to build up our nest and make cozy come October.

Venus Retrograde Approaches in Libra and Scorpio

The planet of love and relationships is stationing retrograde on October 5, a few days after the Last Quarter Moon. Stay tuned for more information on this important journey – the last main astrological event of the year.

Till then – ciao, and brightest blessings.

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