Full Moon in Aquarius Lunar Eclipse

July, 2018: Full Moon in Aquarius, Lunar Eclipse

With this Full Moon in Aquarius, we are now in the middle of Eclipse season. There was a Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 12, and there will be another Solar Eclipse on the New Moon in Leo on August 11.

Are you feeling the heat?

Full Moon in Aquarius, a Significant Lunar Eclipse

The Full Moon in Aquarius on Friday, July 27, 2018 is a Total Lunar Eclipse. Although it’s not visible from North America (except for parts of Eastern Canada), it’s a super special event. This is reportedly the longest-lasting Eclipse of the 21st century, with a total duration of around 6 hours. Totality lasts for 1 hour and 23 minutes.

The Eclipse, at 4 degrees of Aquarius, is also directly on Mars Retrograde. This makes for a turbulent and agitating culmination of emotions and events.

All Eclipses have a longer arc than just one day when it comes to their astrological significance. They echo for a few weeks leading up to and 6 months after, sometimes even longer. The most recent Eclipse is naturally the strongest in effect, but may also trigger past Eclipse points in a meaningful way.

This particular Eclipse will have some fairly long-lasting effects.

Aquarian Values: The Truth Will Out

The Full Moon in Aquarius brings up issues of authenticity. We’re finding the bravery to be ourselves in the face of opposition. Aquarius inspires confidence in those who are singled out or forced to act as lone wolves.

This sign ignites idealistic tendencies. With madcap Mars in the mix, tempers flare and the quest for independence and the demonstration of one’s truth can border on fanaticism.

If someone around you is on the warpath, it’s best to stay out of their way, though they may try to recruit you to their cause or at least make sure you and everyone around hears their take loud and clear. There can be a lot of debate and argumentation with Mars in Aquarius. The Prince of Swords (a card for Aquarius in the Tarot) is at times all too willing to play devil’s advocate.

We see fervent attachment to and expression of values such as humanitarianism, objectivity, and experimentation. People from all walks of life or viewpoints can band together in a spirit of shared values.

A Break from the Past: Mars Retrograde on the South Node

Mars and the Moon are together on the South Node, the Dragon’s Tail. This is a karmic Eclipse point associated with the past, as well as that which has become comfortable or familiar. Mars has been bringing to the surface some ancient baggage here as he reaches the mid-point in his Retrograde journey only the day before the Full Moon.

Mars Retrograde inhibits action and encourages exploration of the psyche. 4 degrees of Aquarius is associated with the image of a mystic healer. There is an element of therapy here. We have the power to blast through emotional traumas of the past and open up new layers of healing.

Mars in this position severs and separates. It may not be pretty, but we’re apt to experience major endings and breaks from the past. Some people may have an intense need for personal space.

Fanning Red-Hot Mars

The longest Total Lunar Eclipse of the century is directly on hot-headed Mars, who is the closest and brightest that he’s been since 2003. Prior to this, he’s the brightest he’s been in 60,000 years! The Blood Moon will sit beside a flame-colored Mars who will outshine Jupiter.

Interesting to note, this week there was a discovery of water on Mars, which is totally appropriate for the water-bearer’s scientific and observational attributes.

The power of Mars on this Full Moon is intense. Mars is agitating, reckless, and hot-tempered. The warrior in us is totally committed, but continually frustrated. Passions flare with furiousness and a fair amount of bluster under his influence.

A hard aspect from evocative Uranus only exacerbates the disturbance factor of white-hot Mars. This rather obnoxious influence of Mars and Uranus butting heads builds up over a longer time period and perfects on July 31.

The Therapeutic Effect of Pluto & Mars

Since this Moon is so close to Mars, it’s interesting to note that this moon cycle started with a Solar Eclipse opposite Pluto. Mars and Pluto are the co-rulers of Scorpio.

The connection to Pluto on the New Moon was as spectacular as the connection to Mars is on this Full Moon. From Pluto, the Earth was seen to transit the face of the Sun. This sort of near-perfect alignment between the Earth, Sun and Pluto was last observed in 1931, only 1 year after Pluto’s discovery, and won’t happen again for another 161 years.

Pluto and Mars work together in a deep therapeutic process here. Whatever you have felt come up for you around the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer – especially around issues of family, inheritance, the home, nurturing others, intimacy, and self-care – the Full Moon offers fathomless depths to peer into for further insight.

By doing the investigative work of Mars and Pluto, we can process and release the past.

A trine between Venus and Pluto brings this healing to work in our relationships.

Mercury Retrograde & Other News

Mercury stationed Retrograde in Leo on Wednesday, July 25. Our conscious minds and communications will be on an alternative wavelength until August 18; prepare to think outside the box!

With the Sun on the North Node, also in dynamic Leo, we’re being challenged in our methods of self-expression, and it’s never been more important to shine a light on who we are and what we stand for.

The Last Quarter Moon will be on August 4th in Taurus. This brings us back around to domestic issues – the guarding of simple pleasures, good food, assets and stability. Venus, the ruler of Taurus, will enter her other home sign of Libra on August 6th, moving us to appreciate beauty and enjoy the company of others. Uranus in Taurus joins the legion of Retrogrades on the following day.

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