First Quarter Moon
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First Quarter Moon: A Checking-in Point

The First Quarter Moon is the first primary Moon Phase that follows the New Moon. It represents a turning point in the monthly cycle. This stage is followed by a gradual crescendo to the maximum strength Full Moon in all its glory.

What the First Quarter Moon Signifies

Arriving about a week from the New or Dark Moon, the sharp edges of the First Quarter Moon provide obstacles and data to sort through. Oftentimes you’ll find yourself at a landmark moment. This can be dramatic or subtle, depending on what you’re dealing with personally during a given Moon Cycle.

Increased Understanding

The direction you’re heading in is becoming more or less evident. At this salient point, your navigation and understanding of the road ahead is not fully formed but is starting to become clear. There may be an “aha” moment or newfound grasp on your situation.

If you’re feeling in the dark, it would be prudent to spend some time reflecting on the past week. Pay attention to what activities you’ve been engaged in, as well as (and especially) to how you’ve been feeling. The Moon rules our emotional habits, unconscious responses, and moods.

The turning point of the Quarter Moon is part of an immediate, monthly agenda and experience. The Moon is closest to us, physically and psychically, and is associated with our highly fluctuating and ever-evolving emotional life.

It can be helpful to look at specific events that are occurring at this time that are symbolic of the entire cycle you’re in. Reflecting on this point can give you more insight on what happened on the New Moon, as well as what to expect more development around in the next week or two.

How to Work with the First Quarter Moon

This is a great opportunity to check in with your progress on goals. How are you doing with time management and balancing different aspects of your life? Is there anything that you’ve been neglecting?

Take notice now and chart a course toward the Full Moon.

First Quarter Moon Activities

  • Journaling: Compare what came up for you on the New Moon with what has developed in the past week. How is where you are now symbolic of where you started?
  • Review goals and adjust expectations
  • Clean house or office to maximize efficiency going forward
  • Look to the signs of the New and First Quarter Moon for hints of what needs attention now or what’s going on internally
  • Take a time-out and recharge before going full-steam ahead
  • Plan for what you want to bring into fruition at the Full Moon
  • Recognize accomplishments and rites of passage

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