December 2018: A Time in Between

We’re all in pretty new terrain after seeing some big changes last month, giving December the feeling of being in between the year to come and the one that has already gotten behind us. 2019 promises many new energies to work with, and December allows for a time out before we dive headlong into it.

On the day of the New Moon (December 6), Mars conjoins Neptune in Pisces, coloring the whole month in imaginative hues. It may feel particularly great to make music or crafts, or to take action that helps you to get out of your day-to-day and enjoy a feeling of numinous brilliance.

December Moon Cycle: Budding Hope for a New Year

The New Moon this month is in optimistic Sagittarius late at night on Thursday, December 6. On the same day, Mercury stations Direct after going Retrograde through Sagittarius and Scorpio (starting on November 16). This suggests a fresh start born of a clearing fog. We can start to move ahead into the new terrain that was introduced to us in the last month.

The First Quarter Moon check-in point is in dreamy Pisces on Saturday, December 15. The Moon is with Mars, Chiron, and Neptune, forming a stellium in imaginative Pisces. It’s a great time to check in with ourselves by taking a time out to recharge our batteries and relax. You might want to make time to meditate, unwind, or melt into music as a way to process your feelings.

Yule, or the Winter Solstice, falls on the 21st of December with a Full Moon in Cancer following on the 22nd. This brings to fruition the July 12, 2018 New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer that we experienced 6 months ago, incidentally the first Eclipse on the Cancer/Capricorn axis that we will be seeing more of starting in January. The focus this month is on family, home, roots, and emotional awareness.

The Last Quarter Moon time for review is in counter-balancing Libra on the 29th, preparing us for 2019 with a look back and a look forward. As we close out the year, we’re asked to recall how issues of fairness, balance, and right relationship that have been lately coming up for us may factor into our New Year’s plans. We get a chance to recalibrate and reset our intentions just in time for New Year’s Eve.

Mercury Retrograde Returns to Scorpio, Alongside Venus: Surveying the Depths

December opens in the middle of a Mercury Retrograde, with Mercury slipping from a bit of a frenzied Sagittarius back into the deep waters of Scorpio on December 1st. This can lend early December a more reclusive element, with many of us wanting to retreat from social spaces as we investigate the greater meaning that this cycle has on our lives. 

Mercury’s ingress back into Scorpio puts it into a rather sensitive and emotionally aware partnership with wounded Chiron and the North Node of future growth in Cancer. All of this combined with the stellium and First Quarter Moon in Pisces makes for a rather wet month astrologically. Water element emphasizes relationship, emotional impact, and internal experience.

Venus also returns to Scorpio on the following day but, unlike Mercury, she is now moving Direct. Mentally we are still processing the social revisions or changes in our way of relating that we’ve been making over the last month while Venus was Retrograde.

You can also remember during this review period that Venus Retrogrades run in 8 year cycles. This means that this year’s Venus Retrograde relates back to previous Venus in Scorpio/Libra Retrogrades, the dates of which are given below. Think about what you were going through at these times and try to see if you can make a connection between then and now.

  • October – December, 2010
  • October – December, 2002
  • October – December, 1994
  • October – December, 1986
  • October – December, 1978

Mercury re-enters Sagittarius on December 12, lightening the mood of our communications mid-month. Venus, meanwhile, will be in Scorpio all month, until January 7, but out of her Retrograde shadow zone as of December 17.

Mercury will come back into contact with Neptune over Christmas Eve, casting nets of fantasy to reel us back into his romantic dreamscape.

Saturn and Pluto Aligning in Capricorn Next Year

The Saturn and Pluto conjunction of 2020 is within a ten degree orb as of the 22nd. The gap between Saturn and Pluto will continue to close throughout 2019, bringing them closer and closer together.

Retrogrades will cause them to dance toward and away from each other, but the space between them will gradually close, leading to one exact conjunction in January 2020. 

This is by all means an intense alignment, signaling structural and governmental changes, stresses on the system, limitations leading to rebirth.

Mars Headed for Home on New Year’s Eve

On New Year’s Eve, Mars ingresses into Aries. He is quite happy here, able to move freely head-first into the New Year, eager to tackle resolutions and set to work! This is an enthusiastic energy that acts first and asks questions later. Finally, it’s full steam ahead.

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