April 2019 Astrology: Onward, Ho!

The astrology of April 2019 is much more clear-headed and direct than March. We are starting to clear past the plentiful fog cast by a slippery Mercury Retrograde in Pisces.

At the same time, we are blessed with a much happier Mars in Gemini for the month, which allows us to take action in our lives and to broadcast our message. It’s time to take the nuggets of wisdom gleaned from a month underwater and spread it to the world, infecting others with passion and enthusiasm.

Everything will take a quicker pace as we move into Aries season. The first half of the month has a clearing effect, and the second half welcomes us firmly into a new world.

Horoscopes for April 2019

What follows in this blog post is a general astrology forecast for the month of April that broadly spells out the energy of the month as it applies to everyone. If you’re looking for a more specific forecast for you, you might be interested in checking out the horoscopes for April. It’s best to read for your Rising Sign (if you know it). If you don’t know your Rising Sign, you can easily find out on













Mercury Retrograde (February 10 – April 16): Back on Solid Land, the Fog Clearing

Were things a bit fuzzy for you last month? Confusing and muddled as all hell? A lot of us creative types were both relishing in the high creative vibes and lamenting the total lack of real forward progress, especially around the super powerful Full Moon on the Spring Equinox.

You may have been expecting such a Moon to lend itself to instant growth and attainment, but you must remember we are in the middle of an extremely murky Retrograde cycle. It won’t fully clear until Mercury enters Aries on April 16.

This has been a long time coming and I think that, once it comes, it’s going to feel so good!

Mercury in Aries (April 16 – May 6): A Relieving Sense of Directness, Forward Movement, and Brevity

This unfettered Mercury will begin to pick up speed and clarity of mind. What a relief after a full month, and then some, of having our collective Mercury in total exile.

What can you expect from Mercury in Aries? A suddenly cut-the-bullshit, no-nonsense approach. We’ve done all the dreaming we could in the time we were allotted: now it’s time to get real!

Aries is all about ACTION. Trusting your instincts and moving with your first impulse is key. We may feel more mentally restless, eager for new experiences or avenues of quickfire communication. In conversation we can be blunt or impatient, and generally more succinct with our words.

Venus in Pisces (March 26 – April 20): Beauty and Bonding, Bringing Home our Values

For most of the month, Venus keeps one eye on our recent journey with Mercury Retrograde. She will help us to integrate the lessons of this period in a way that aligns us with our values.

Venus in Pisces is a pleasant and relaxed influence. We are able to appreciate the beauty in our surroundings, in music and art, whereas last month we may have been a bit lost in these things.

Venus shines a light on our creativity and spirituality, beaming and radiating her love as she draws people closer together under this influence. She and Pisces share the desire to bond and dissolve.

Venus in Aries (April 20 – May 15): Asserting Ourselves in Relationships

Towards the end of the month, Venus catches up with the Sun and Mercury in Aries. Venus is less comfortable here, as she is far away from home and Aries is not as sentimental a space as she would like it to be.

On the contrary, Aries energy is very boundary-driven as it asserts an urge for independence and originality. Venus desires connection and doesn’t necessarily love boundaries, unless they support a balanced connection between two parties.

In Aries, Venus is driven and knows what she wants. She can help us focus on self-love and making sure that we aren’t settling for less than we’re worth. A little selfishness does Venus some good, even if it doesn’t come naturally to her.

Mars in Gemini (March 30 – May 16): Swift Action and Excitement, that Needs to be Channeled with Intention

While Mars was in Taurus, progress was grinding and painfully slow for many of us. On the other hand, Mars in Gemini is able to unleash himself and finally fly high.

In one way, it can be freeing to suddenly have so much more range of motion. In another, Gemini energy radiates outward in every direction and Mars can feel a little chaotic and unstructured here.

Just as it was advised to choose a path and stick with it last month, taking it one step and one day at a time with Mars in Taurus, in April we will benefit from knowing which direction we really want to move in. Try not to get distracted or thrown off course by trying to do too many things at once.

Saturn and Pluto on the South Node & Both Stationing Retrograde: Restructuring Power

Saturn and Pluto are coming closer and closer together, slowly preparing for their one and only exact rendez-vous in January of 2020. This should be an epic culmination of a relatively long and intense transit, having to do with embedded structures, government, limitations, karmic justice, and power.

On an individual level, it has more to do with building regimens and routines into our daily schedule that support self-discipline, responsibility, and integrity through hard work and application.

An interesting aspect of the year is that we are also having Eclipses on the Capricorn – Cancer axis, which will activate the Saturn – Pluto cycle several times. During this time, Saturn and Pluto are connected to the South Node of the Moon, a karmic letting go point.

During April, both Saturn and Pluto connect with the exact point of the South Node, Pluto on April 4 and Saturn on April 30. This represents an apparent culmination of their journey and release. However, they will both then Station Retrograde, drawing out the process for several more months.

Jupiter in Sagittarius Stations Retrograde (April 10 – August 11): Growing into our Blessings

Jupiter is already most of the way through Sagittarius, but starting on the 10th of this month he will begin his annual, months-long Retrograde period. He will revisit and reinforce any discoveries made from January through early April.

We will thus spend our Spring and early Summer growing into our blessings in the area of our charts where this high and benefic Jupiter is visiting.

April 2019 Astrology Overview

Mercury in Pisces (February 10 – April 16), Mercury in Aries (April 16 – May 6). Mercury in the Shadow Zone of his Retrograde (February 19 – April 16).

Venus in Pisces (March 26 – April 20), Venus in Aries (April 20 – May 15).

Mars in Gemini (March 30 – May 16).

Jupiter in Sagittarius (November 8, 2018 – December 3, 2019), Jupiter Retrograde in Sagittarius (April 10 – August 11).

Saturn in Capricorn (December 19, 2017 – December 16, 2020), Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn (April 29 – September 17).

Timeline of General Major Transits

Tuesday, April 2: Mercury meets Neptune in Pisces, 1:23am (PST). This is their 3rd and final meetup – we are beginning to conclude last month‘s Mercury Retrograde with this transit.

Thursday, April 4: Pluto on the South Node in Capricorn, 12:16pm.

Friday, April 5: New Moon in Aries, 1:47am.

Tuesday, April 9: Venus joins Neptune in Pisces, 11:12pm.

Wednesday, April 10: Jupiter stations Retrograde, 5pm.

Friday, April 12: First Quarter Moon in Cancer, 12:03pm.

Tuesday, April 16: Mercury enters Aries, 11pm, ending the Mercury Retrograde Shadow period.

Friday, April 19: Full Moon in Libra, 4:15am, the second Full Moon in Libra in a row, hitting home on themes of balance and fairness from last month.

Saturday, April 20: The Sun enters Taurus, 1:54am. Venus enters Aries, 9:10am.

Monday, April 22: The Sun joins Uranus in Taurus for the first time since Uranus entered the sign, 4:06pm.

Wednesday, April 24: Pluto stations Retrograde in Capricorn, 11:49am.

Friday, April 26: Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius, 3:17pm.

Monday, April 29: Saturn stations Retrograde in Capricorn, 5:55pm.

Tuesday, April 30: Saturn on the South Node, 1:13pm.

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